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How does occupancy tax collection and remittance by Airbnb work?

We automatically collect and pay occupancy taxes on behalf of Hosts only in certain jurisdictions. Hosts may need to manually collect and remit occupancy taxes in other jurisdictions and in certain listed jurisdictions where Airbnb does not collect all applicable occupancy taxes.

Whether or not we automatically collect occupancy taxes, it doesn’t change which taxes are due or the total payout you receive as a Host. You’ll continue to receive your payout minus the applicable Airbnb service fees. Automatic collection and payment simply makes tax collection easier for everyone.

This article does not apply to hotels contracting with Airbnb Travel, LLC. For hotels contracting with Airbnb Travel, LLC, please review how occupancy tax collection works for you. Hotels who use HotelTonight’s software to distribute rooms on Airbnb are contracting with Airbnb Travel, LLC. If you aren’t sure which entity you are contracting with, please contact us.

Applicable taxes

Our system determines which taxes are applicable by the address you enter for your listing. Please check your listing’s details to make sure your address is correct. Even if Airbnb automatically collects and pays certain occupancy taxes on your behalf, you may still be required to manually collect other occupancy taxes. For example, Airbnb may collect regional taxes but not local ones in some places. Also, Airbnb is not responsible for any tax collection errors due to typos.

Checking for tax collection eligibility

  1. Go to Listings and select the listing you want to check
  2. In Listing editor, click Edit preferences
  3. Click Taxes

If we collect taxes for your area, you’ll see a tax collection setting on the page. If there isn’t a section for local tax collection under Taxes, we don’t automatically collect and pay on your behalf for that listing.

How to check occupancy tax totals

You can find collected occupancy taxes listed in the gross earnings section of the transaction history on Host accounts. All guest receipts include occupancy taxes as a separate line item.

Other tax obligations

We recommend doing some research to make sure you understand and comply with any local tax rules and obligations that apply to your listing. Check with your local government or a tax professional for additional information about taxes that apply to your situation.

Airbnb provides general information to Hosts regarding occupancy taxes and advises Hosts to educate themselves about and follow their local laws and regulations, as well as to inform their guests of the exact tax amount prior to booking.

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