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    How do I know if my payout method is working?

    It usually takes fewer than 5 business days for a new payout method to be able to receive payouts. When your payout method's status updates to Ready, it will be able to receive payouts.

    Unless a payout method is pending or has an error, it should be ready to receive payouts.

    Pending: If you have just added a payout method or updated an existing one, it should be up and running soon. We’ll send an email when it’s all set up.

    Error: Sometimes you may need to update a payout method or add more info to keep getting payouts. If a payout method isn’t working, you can remove it and add it again.

    Note: In some countries, we'll confirm your account information when you provide it to us the first time by depositing a small amount (less than $1 USD) before sending you a payout. This is to make sure that we don't send money to the wrong account, and we usually do this only once.