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Smart Pricing

When you turn on Smart Pricing, your nightly prices automatically change based on demand. This is a helpful tool if you want to optimise pricing without constantly monitoring it. You’re still the boss, though – so you can set fluctuation limits and customise specific nightly prices in your calendar at any time.

How it’s determined

Smart Pricing is based on the type and location of your listing, along with season, demand, and other factors. Learn more about the top 3 things that can influence demand.

To turn Smart Pricing on or off:

  1. Go to Listings and select the listing you want
  2. Click Pricing and availability and go to Pricing
  3. Next to Nightly price, click Edit
  4. Use the selector to enable Smart Pricing, and enter a minimum and maximum price
  5. Click Save

To turn off smart pricing, follow the steps above and use the selector to disable Smart pricing.

Your pricing changes will not affect pending or confirmed reservations, since those guests have already submitted their payment information.

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