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    How do I identify a reservation as a business trip?

    As a business traveller, you can identify a reservation as a business trip by selecting Travelling for work during checkout. By marking your stay as a work trip, you’ll be able to add trip notes that will be sent to the person who manages your company’s travel. You’ll also receive an expensable receipt from Airbnb in your work inbox.

    If you've already booked your trip, or mistakenly checked your leisure trip as a business trip, you can update your reservation at any time from your home reservation details. Just scroll and select or unselect the box next to This is a business trip. This can be done only if you booked the trip by using a personal payment method. If you mistakenly charged a reservation to your company, you'll need to cancel immediately to avoid cancellation fees and any compliance concerns for your organisation.

    You can also share info about your trip in a message to your host. This is a great way to help them understand your business travel needs.

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