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    How do I view and send messages?

    Messaging on Airbnb starts when a guest makes an enquiry or reservation request. Afterward, all messages related to that enquiry or reservation request will appear in your inbox.

    To view or send a message

    1. Go to your Messages
    2. Select Travelling or Hosting
    3. Click on a message thread to view old messages or send a new one

    To read a message you deleted, click the dropdown menu above your messages and select Archived

    If a message makes you feel uncomfortable or someone tries to get you to pay outside Airbnb, click the flag icon next to it to let us know.

    Message Threads

    When you click on a message, you can view the conversation and also the following information:

    • Host or guest profiles including number of reviews, verifications, and description.
    • Reservation and payment details such as date of enquiry, number of guests, and price breakdown.
    • Events such as reservation confirmation, pre-approvals, and special offers are notated in the timeline of the conversations.
    • If any actions are needed from you, you’ll see the prompt at the top of the page, above the conversation. Guests can make booking enquiries or reservation requests, and hosts will be able to accept or decline requests.
    • Hosts will see what the guest pays and what they will earn. They will also be able to see a snapshot of their calendar.