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    Who can host on Open Homes?

    Open Homes hosts have many of the same expectations as regular Airbnb hosts. Hosts must meet Airbnb’s hospitality standards, which include accurately representing your listing and availability, as well as providing a safe, secure, and clean space for guests. All hosts and guests are required to uphold Airbnb’s community standards.

    Almost anyone can sign up to be an Open Homes host. The listings available on the site are as diverse as the hosts who list them, and you can post shared spaces, private rooms, or entire homes. Find out more about home types to see how to describe your space.

    Sometimes a staff member from one of our nonprofit partners will book on behalf of their client and may have additional requests based on their client’s needs. In these cases, the nonprofit staff member will communicate with the host ahead of time to make sure your space is a good fit.