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Eligibility for emergency stays through works with nonprofit organisations and resettlement agencies specialising in crisis response and refugee resettlement to facilitate on-the-ground support, including assessing the needs and eligibility of potential guests. does not currently provide a direct intake process for individuals in need of emergency assistance.

Eligible individuals may include:

  • People affected by major disasters and relief workers responding to those disasters in an official capacity.
  • Refugees, asylum seekers and other newcomers.

After eligibility is established through a partner nonprofit organisation, referral organisation or its service providers, guests may also be required to set up an Airbnb account, which may include identity verification checks.

All guests and Hosts who use the Airbnb platform to support or utilise’s programmes must agree to Airbnb's Community Standards and the Airbnb Terms of Service. Learn more about Airbnb’s trust and safety standards and policies.

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