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Experience Host

Cancelling your Experience as a Host

Although cancellations by Hosts are rare, and some cancellations are beyond a Host’s control, cancellations by Hosts can disrupt guest plans and undermine confidence in our community.

If one of your Experiences has to be cancelled and it’s not because of Weather or Emergencies or safety issues, we may impose a cancellation fee.

Cancel your Experience reservation as a Host

Cancel your Experience reservation as a Host on desktop

  1. Click Experiences Dashboard > Calendar
  2. Click the date on the calendar
  3. Find the time that you want to cancel and click the Experience card to open it
  4. Click Cancel Experience
  5. Choose the reason that best describes why you need to cancel and click Next
  6. Review the Experience Host cancellation policy and click Next
  7. Add a note for your guests and click Cancel this Experience

What cancellation fees apply

Fees may apply if you cancel an Experience that’s already been booked by a guest.

We may charge a fee of up to 20% of the booking value of the cancelled Experience, which we’ll deduct from an upcoming payout. We’ll notify you if a fee will be charged before you complete a cancellation.

Frequent cancellations, or no-shows, are a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in removal of your Experience from Airbnb.

If you need to cancel your Experience because of weather

If your Experience takes place outdoors, you may cancel if weather conditions create an unsafe or uncomfortable environment for your guests. You won’t be charged a cancellation fee. We may contact you for documentation to verify weather-related claims.

If you need to cancel your Experience because of an unexpected event

We understand that unexpected events happen. We will waive cancellation fees for cancellations covered under the Major Disruptive Events Policy or for cancellations made for valid safety reasons.

What happens to guests when you cancel their Experience reservation

Your guests will receive a notification and a full refund.

If you rebook your guests for a different date or time after cancelling

If you and your guests agree to an alternative date or time and they rebook your Experience, contact us to let us know after you cancel. We’ll verify that your guests have agreed, and we’ll remove any fees that were applied.

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