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    How do I create and edit rule-sets?

    Hosts with six or more listings have access to features that allow them to create and edit rule-sets.

    To create a new rule-set for multiple listings:

    1. Go to your Multi-calendar
    2. Select the dates you’d like to apply a rule-set to
    3. In the panel, select the rules
    4. Click Create a new rule-set
    5. Give your rule-set a name (like "Ski season")
    6. Next to the rule you’d like to add, click Customise
    7. Enter your pricing and availability rules – to remove a rule, click Cancel
    8. Click Save

    To edit an existing rule-set:

    1. Go to your Multi-calendar
    2. Click rule-sets
    3. Scroll to the rule-set you’d like to manage, then click Edit

    To create and edit a rule-set for an individual listing:

    1. Go to your Listings
    2. Click the three dots menu () next to the listing you want to edit and select Edit
    3. Rule-set details can be set and changed in both the Pricing and Availability tabs