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    Can I split the cost of my reservation across multiple payments?

    If you’re making a reservation for a stay (not an experience) that meets the following requirements, you can split the cost of your reservation across several payments:

    • First payment is made with a credit card, debit card, gift card, Airbnb credits, or PayPal
    • Payment is made in any currency except Chinese yuan (CNY), Brazilian real (BRL), or Indian rupee (INR)
    • Reservation has a total value of $50 USD or more, including any taxes and fees
    • Reservation begins at least 14 days in the future (how far ahead you need to book is determined by the listing’s cancellation policy)
    • Reservation is not for a long-term stay (28 nights or more)
    • Travel does not use Airbnb for Work, where your company is invoiced for payment

    If your reservation meets this criteria, on the checkout page you’ll have the option to select Pay less upfront. If you don’t see this option, then you’ll need to pay the entire cost of the reservation at once.

    If you choose to pay less up front, you’ll pay part of your reservation now, and you’ll be automatically charged the remaining balance at a later date. When you complete the booking, we’ll let you know the date when you’ll be charged the second payment. We’ll also email you a reminder 3 days before the second payment is processed.

    If you cancel your Pay less upfront reservation, or the second payment can’t be completed by the date it’s due, you’ll receive a refund according to your reservation's cancellation policy. If you booked with a Strict Cancellation Policy, you’re entitled to a 50% refund, plus the cleaning fees. However, with this type of cancellation, since you've successfully paid only 50% of your reservation cost, we won't issue a refund, and simply won't charge the remaining 50% of your booking total.

    If you need to update your payment method associated with the future pending payment OR you want to pay the future pending payment early, you can follow the steps below.

    1. Go to Trips and select the trip where you want to make the change
    2. Under Trip Overview, click Reservation
    3. Under Payment Details, click Get receipts and manage future payments
    4. On the Your payment details page, scroll to Scheduled payments and click Update payment details
    5. On the Change Your Payment Details page, under Pay with, select the payment method
    6. Under When do you want to pay, choose either Pay as scheduled or Pay now
    7. Click Submit

    Gift cards or Airbnb credits or coupons can be used for the first part of a Pay less upfront payment, but not for the final payment.