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    How are price ranges calculated?

    Airbnb guests can browse home listings filtered by price by selecting from 4 different price ranges when they search: £ | ££ | £££ | ££££ (personalised to the guest’s local currency). Each price range represents a different range of the nightly price for listings in that search.

    Airbnb determines the price range where a listing appears. We first look at the nightly price set by the host, and then, based on how many guests are taking the trip and the historical nightly prices in each location, determine the price level the listing best fits.

    For example, if you’re looking at a listing for 4 guests, we may include it in a lower price range than if you were looking at the same listing for one guest (as the nightly price per person is lower for 4 guests). Or a $150 per night listing may show up under £££ in a less expensive location, and in ££ in a more expensive location.

    Our diverse community is interested in homes at all prices so, as a host, there’s no incentive for your listing to be in one price range over another. To inform your decision about what price to set, you can search for comparable listings in your city or neighbourhood to get an idea of market prices or use the Smart Pricing feature.