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    Coronavirus outbreak
    The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency. Affected hosts and guests can find info on our Extenuating circumstances policy for coronavirus page.

    How can the Airbnb community help with water conservation in Cape Town?

    We are continuously monitoring the water situation in Cape Town and have been in contact with hosts and guests, as well as with local officials, about the latest developments. Airbnb is committed to promoting local and sustainable travel, and we are encouraging our community to act responsibly during this drought and conserve water whenever possible.

    Cape Town has worked hard to save water and increase their dam levels, but we ask that you still make every effort to use water sparingly. For water restrictions explained, visit the City of Cape Town website. You can find helpful information on Cape Town’s guidance for visitors and Wesgro’s FAQs.

    If you are also interested in supporting local water-saving initiatives, you can visit FlowOffset to find out more about how to counteract your water consumption.

    How has Airbnb supported hosts and guests during the drought?

    In 2017, Airbnb established a partnership with Wesgro to distribute free water-saving shower heads to hosts across Cape Town, so that guests are better able to conserve water in their listings. Airbnb is now supporting Wesgro with a marketing campaign to promote responsible travel to Cape Town.

    Airbnb also held a series of water-saving meetups with hosts and the City of Cape Town and Cape Town Tourism to discuss conservation, in addition to regular emails to hosts and guests booking in Cape Town advising them of the water crisis and providing water conservation tips.

    Additional info for hosts

    How do I ask my guests to join us in our commitment to use water sparingly?

    It’s a good idea to contact your guest as soon as possible to let them know that you can still host, details about the water restrictions, and any changes they should expect as a result. This could include information like when and how often laundry is done, or if there are restrictions on the use of the swimming pool (if you have one). Also, you can let them know that you’re available to answer any questions about their stay. Many hosts tell us that when guests understand the situation, they are willing to do their part to use water responsibly.

    Can I charge an additional fee for water?

    Charging for water is a regulated activity and it is against the law to charge guests separate fees for water. For more info about the sale of water, you can visit Cape Town’s Water Restrictions.

    Are there exceptions to the water restrictions?

    It may be possible to apply for an increase in domestic water. You can find out more on the City of Cape Town website or by contacting the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality at +27 0860 103 089 or email