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    How can I directly merge and publish API-connected listings?

    If you already have an Airbnb account and existing listings, you may need to merge these listings with new listings created from your software. Merging listings ensures that you don’t create any duplicates and that you keep your existing content and reviews.

    If you recently imported listings through your software, Airbnb will have emailed you to let you know that we received the listings, but they may need to be merged. You can start the merging process by following the directions in that email, or by navigating directly to the Airbnb Sync page.

    How to merge listings on Airbnb

    1. Log in to your Airbnb account
    2. Click the Software sync button on your listings page or go directly to your Sync page
    3. Any listings that you’ve imported from your software will display as Ready to publish
    4. Select the existing Airbnb listing you want to merge from the drop-down in the second column
    5. Select your sync setting for the merged listings from the drop-down (either Limited or Everything)
    6. Publish your merged listings individually or in bulk

    If you don’t see all of your listings that means they’re still syncing from your software. Wait a few minutes until you receive an email confirmation and, if necessary, merge these listings.