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    How do I add or remove guests on my itinerary?

    You can add or remove guests on your itinerary anytime up until the end of your reservation.

    Adding or removing guests

    To add or remove guests on your trip itinerary:

    1. Go to Trips and click the trip you want to edit
    2. Click Your Home Reservation (or the small photo of the listing)
    3. Next to Who’s coming click Manage
    4. To remove a guest, click Remove next to their name
    5. To add guests, enter their full name and email address then click Invite

    You’ll only be able to add guests up to the total number that you originally set in your booking request. If you’d like to add additional guests, you can do this by clicking Edit guests. This will take you to a new page where you can modify your reservation and change the total number of guests.

    Depending on the host’s pricing, changing the number of guests may change the total cost of your reservation. The original total and new total will show once you change the number of guests. Click Continue to change the number of guests and pay the additional amount if required.

    You’ll then need to follow the instructions above to add the guest names and email addresses. The guest names will automatically update on your trip itinerary.