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    What if a guest doesn’t respond to my alteration request?

    If you send an alteration request, we’ll let guests know and ask them to accept or decline changes. They can accept or decline the request to keep the reservation as is.

    Time limit for responding

    Because the reservation is already confirmed and guests may need time to consider changes, there’s no time limit for responding to a reservation request.

    Send a message

    If you don’t hear back from guests and your request is important or urgent, you can send a message reminding them to accept or decline the request. You can also remove the request and send it again.

    Here are a few more things to know about alteration requests:

    • When guests decline the alteration request, the previously confirmed reservation stays as is
    • Guests aren’t penalised for declining alteration requests
    • Alteration requests can only be sent once a reservation is confirmed
    • You can send or receive an alteration request before or after check-in and before checkout