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What is my Taiwan eGUI?

A Taiwan Electronic Government Uniform Invoice (eGUI) is provided whenever Taiwan VAT is assessed on Airbnb service fees or on the accommodation price plus any fees for other items, such as cleaning and extra guests.

Airbnb collects VAT on the guest service fee from guests who reside in Taiwan. Airbnb also collects VAT on the full accommodation price plus any fees for other items, like cleaning fees or fees for extra guests, if applicable, from all guests staying in Taiwanese listings.

An eGUI is finalized and issued when a reservation is accepted, and includes your information (name and email address) as you entered it for your Airbnb account. Airbnb is not able to modify an eGUI after it's been issued.

An eGUI is not issue to business trip reservations.


To access the eGUI for your reservation, a notification will be sent to the email address associated with your Airbnb account indicating the eGUI is ready for download at the Taiwan Ministry of Finance e-Invoice Platform. You’ll also receive an email notification when a booking has been accepted, altered, and/or cancelled and Taiwan VAT applies. Accessing the eGUI on the e-Invoice Platform for your reservation is optional.

For reservation details, please check your billing receipt. If you believe you need additional documentation for travel, we encourage you to communicate with your host before booking to see if they're able to assist you.

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