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    What is 2-step authentication?

    2-step authentication may be required as an extra layer of security to access certain parts of your account. It aims to protect personal information, like your payout details. When it’s required, you’ll need to enter a unique PIN that only you know in order to confirm you’re really you.

    Why it’s required

    2-step authentication is an enhanced security measure required by regional regulations. This means that in order to operate in your region and comply with regulations, we may need to ask you to set it up in order to continue using Airbnb.

    If you don’t set up 2-step authentication, you won’t be able to access important parts of your account that can be critical for hosting. To make sure this doesn’t happen, set it up and choose a unique PIN that’s easy to remember.

    How it works

    To set it up, you’ll need to have a phone number on your account. You can add your phone number in Account Settings > Login & Security, which is where you can also set up 2-step authentication. Then you’ll take these steps to finish setup:

    • Confirm passcode: We’ll send a one-time passcode to your phone via text (SMS) or a phone call (you’ll get to choose)
    • Create PIN: Next you’ll create a personal identification number (PIN)
    • Add security questions: Choose questions only you know the answers to in case you ever forget your PIN

    Because this is an enhanced security measure required by regional regulations, you might be required to do this to continue accessing any parts of your account that contain personal information.

    Editing your PIN or security questions

    If you forget your PIN or security questions, or if you want to edit them, go to Account Settings > Login & Security. There’s a section called 2-step authentication where you can edit them.

    You’ll need to enter your current PIN to make an update. If you can’t remember your current PIN, use the Forgot PIN? link to answer one of your security questions. Then you’ll be able to set up your new PIN or security questions.

    Updating your phone number

    From time to time, you may need to change your phone number. When you edit the phone number on your account, we’ll update the number we use to send you a passcode.

    If you need to do this, please note that regulations may require a waiting period of several days as an additional security measure after any phone number is updated. This means that access to your certain parts of your account could be temporarily unavailable if you don’t have another phone number associated with your account.

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