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How cancellations work

Sometimes things come up and you have to cancel. To keep things running smoothly, here’s how you can cancel a reservation, figure out your refund, or find out what to do if something doesn’t go as planned.

If you need to cancel

Let’s take care of your cancellation quickly: If it’s a matter of a change of plans – head to Trips to cancel the reservation. You’ll be shown the refund amount as you go through the cancellation process.

If you’ve booked a place where there’s a stricter cancellation policy, you could also consider changing your dates instead. Just put in a change request to the Host and any difference in price will be shown before you confirm the request. You could message the Host as well to let them know more about your circumstance and why you’re changing the reservation.

Cancelling your reservation for a stay
Get basic cancellation info and an easy-to-follow link to change or cancel a trip.

Changing a reservation before your trip
How to submit a change request to your Host.

Cancelling during your stay
Find out what the Rebooking and Refund Policy covers when the listing or amenities are not what you expected.

Cancel or reschedule an Airbnb Experience
Get the details of our cancellation policy for Experiences.

Cancelling a trip due to a Major Disruptive Event
Find details about what’s covered and what to do next.

If something comes up during your stay

If something is missing, broken or not what you expected when you arrive or during your stay, let your Host know as soon as possible. If your Host can’t help resolve the issue, we’re here to support you. Keep in mind that to be eligible for assistance through AirCover, you must report any issue to Airbnb within 72 hours of discovering it.

Getting protected through AirCover
Every Airbnb booking includes AirCover – free protection from significant listing inaccuracies and other issues like trouble checking in.

Travel issues eligible for refunds
Find out if you’re covered under the Rebooking and Refund Policy.

Rebooking and Refund Policy
Read all the small print and details of the Rebooking and Refund Policy.

If your Host cancels

In rare cases, a Host might need to cancel your reservation. If this does happen, don’t worry – we’ll get your refund on its way and can help you find a similar or better home to rebook.

If your Host cancels your reservation
What to do if your confirmed booking is cancelled by your Host.

If your Host cancels your Experience
What happens if your Experience reservation is cancelled by your Host.

Receiving your refund

While we don’t want to keep you waiting, the amount and timing of your refund depends on your reservation’s cancellation policy and when you cancel (unless your reservation was affected by a Major Disruptive Event). Be sure to check your reservation for this info. If you’re eligible for a refund, you’ll get it automatically within 10 days to the payment method used when you made the reservation.

Find your refund amount
Learn about cancellation policies and how they affect your refund amount.

When you’ll get your refund
Find out when your refund should arrive.

Refunds for Experiences
Find details of what to do if you have a travel issue that prevents you from being able to complete an Airbnb Experience.

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