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Modifying a reservation as a Host

Life happens, and sometimes you just can’t host as planned. Past reservations can’t be changed, but to edit a confirmed or active one, send your guest a trip change request proposing your new dates, price, or number of guests. You can even suggest they stay in a different place, if you have more than one.

Send your guest a trip change request

Make sure your changes don't conflict with your listing settings. It’s also helpful to send your guest a message explaining why you’re asking for changes.

  1. Go to Reservations and select the reservation you want to change
  2. Click Details and then click Change or cancel reservation > Change reservation
  3. Under Reservation details, make your changes to dates or number of guests and click Save
  4. Under Guest charges, enter a new accommodation cost
  5. Review changes, then click Send request

If the guest declines or doesn’t respond, the reservation will remain unchanged. If they accept, it’ll be updated with your new details.

If the price changes, they’ll be charged or refunded as necessary. If their payment is not submitted successfully within 48 hours, the change will be automatically declined and the reservation will revert to its original state.

If the dates change, your listing’s cancellation policy will apply to your new dates.

Keep in mind that you can only send one request to a guest at a time. Made a mistake? You can’t modify it after sending, but you can cancel it and send a new one by repeating the steps above.

Note: For reservations in India, you can't make changes that would result in a higher price. To do so, you'd need to cancel the existing reservation, revise your listing to reflect the higher price, and ask your guest to make a new reservation.

Need to cancel or request money?

Learn how to cancel a reservation, and find out what to do if you need to cancel an active trip. To request extra funds from your guest, visit the Resolution Centre.

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