How to improve your listing as you go

Update your photos, add details and offer value to attract more guests.
By Airbnb on 9 Dec 2019
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Updated 21 Nov 2023

Just like your home, your listing can benefit from well-timed improvements. Adjusting your photos, amenities and price can help you appeal to more guests and achieve your earnings goals.

Update your photos

Some guests spend more time looking at photos than reading listing descriptions. They also expect your place to be as it’s pictured on Airbnb.

If you’ve recently changed anything in your space, consider updating your photos. Other steps you can take include:

  • Create an AI-powered photo tour. Help guests understand the layout of your home with a photo tour. Airbnb’s custom AI engine instantly sorts your listing photos into 19 types of rooms and spaces. You can review your tour and add details to each room.

  • Add photo descriptions. Write captions that highlight what each room or space offers, like an espresso machine in the kitchen or extra-fluffy towels in the bathroom.

  • Take well-composed photos. Adjust your phone or camera settings to turn on grid lines and check the image resolution. Consider turning off the flash and using natural light. Aim for a mix of wide-angle, mid-range and close-up photos. Get more DIY photo tips

  • Hire an expert. If your photography skills are holding you back, consider working with a professional. Airbnb may offer pro photography in your area.

Add details

Your listing is how guests learn about your home. Providing more information can help you attract bookings.

  • Highlight top amenities. Guests often search for places with a kitchen, wifi and free parking. They can also filter for pet-friendly listings and sleeping arrangements like a king-size bed.
  • Stay up to date. Guests expect to be able to use all the features and amenities in your listing. For example, if the swimming pool isn’t available to guests year-round, make sure that’s clear.
  • Keep things simple. Focus on setting expectations and answering basic questions. Tell guests what they need to know to enjoy staying at your place.
  • Use guest feedback. Did a guest rave about your patio in a review? Try featuring it in your photos. Did a guest tell you they were surprised your place is so far from the airport? Clarify your location.

Offer the best value

Understanding what your guests pay can help you offer the best value. Their total price includes your nightly price, any additional fees you set (for cleaning, extra guests or pets), Airbnb service fees and taxes.

Competitive pricing can help your listing stand out and rank higher in search results. The algorithm prioritises total price and the quality of a listing compared to similar listings nearby.

Some costs you’re including in your price may not be obvious to guests. Do you offer extras like luxury bath products or streaming services? Make that clear in your listing description to help guests find value in your price.

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9 Dec 2019
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