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Poolview Ensuite

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Poolview Ensuite

Private room in villa
2 guests1 bedroom1 bed1 bath
2 guests
1 bedroom
1 bed
1 bath
This is one of a few places in the area that has this feature.

The space

ALERT: When is Songkran (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) ?

Songkran (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) will be held from 13 to 15 April in Thailand!

Be here for the 13/14th for the best time..
just search for it in the search engines..

Master Seaview Ensuite (64m2)
Ensuite (64m2)
Ensuite Poolview (64m2)
3 rooms up to 8 people (All the rooms)

Rates: as per calendar and over 6 days = 10% off
Wifi everywhere, Have one PC available on request.
Safe airport transfers by myself (optional extra)


PLEASE - Look at the "3 rooms up to 8 people" Pictures - a lot of time and effort has gone into them, and it will give you a feel for what we are about.... It is the same house for all listings! this listing has limited pictures and description.

To see the other listings please go back to the page you found us, scroll down and on the right side you can see "other listings"

The Descriptions are mostly the same but for the top part...
but the photos are a lot of work so please check them out on the
3 rooms up to 8 people listing. a lot of time has gone into the photos, the other listings not so much...

You can rent either or all, up to you. (Special rates for more than one)

Listing for 8 people meaning if you take all rooms. (we list like this so it shows up on the searches) We have a double foldout bed which can easily be used in any of these large bedrooms. So 3 rooms, with a king size bed in 2 and a new queen size in the Ensuite, then there is the double size fold out bed we can put in any room..

When we have more than a few people we are happy to throw in a few tours, as the more the merrier.....
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for reading... I have to say that I believe I can give you the best vacation experience during your vacation...
Because I have been there done that, and now lived here as an expat for 3 years... but as interesting as the people here are, I do miss contact with the outside peoples... all the guests here have had a great time and we have as well... the more they have enjoyed things, the more we have...

I go above and beyond to make your stay special, this is not a business for me…. all guests have been wonderful and I believe they got the most out of their vacation here.

This is not just about you trying to find your way around getting ripped off, robbed (or worse) having a road accident (a pair of guests saw 2 separate accidents on their 30min transfer from the airport!) , getting dumped in a room with a key in a different country, wasting your special vacation time sorting out what you need.
Right from the moment you make contact I do my utmost to find the best solution to your needs. (Even if you don’t stay with me I am happy to help out.) Just email and mention what kind of people you are and your needs, likes and dislikes. From there we can customize suggestions back to you and thus maximize your vacation time. If you need a peaceful and quiet time, or a lot of action night or day we can maximize your time.

Why stay with us:
• Good Security - Auto Security Gate with walls around the house, alarm system with outside sensor’s and security guard patrols (from next doors apartments, same developer)

• Safe Transport - A modern fully optioned 4WD 4 Door pickup, see the pics, biggest gets noticed over here.

• Sound Advice - Food, shopping, places to go and not to go, bike hire without handing over your passport and getting ripped off. We like to photocopy your passport and drivers license and put the originals in the house safe.

• Privac (Website hidden by Airbnb) - Quiet dead end street, and we are near the end of it. And if you so choose you will hardly see or hear us.
Some have enjoy the pool and sunbaking as mother nature intended...

• Guide (Website hidden by Airbnb) You are welcome to join us, interacting with expats and local people here, enjoying a side that normal tourists often do not. If we click we are happy to really show you around. Like the floating restaurant with the freshest seafood and the big budha on the next mountain (perhaps the only free thing left here.)

• Market (Website hidden by Airbnb) See the daily markets which move location daily and see the vast display of Thai food, including chicken feet, insects from the north (see the picture of our doctor guest at the market, and no, he did not taste them, perhaps you will be the first? Cmon, be a model for my camera.... Our Korean guest was eating feet the other day with Ana in the kitchen, Erik tried not to look! see pics)

• Coo (Website hidden by Airbnb) - If you would like cooking classes that can be booked. 5 min away. Also have a couple of local girls that will show you around the market, what they buy to make food with and then show you how they do it... Much cheaper than the cooking school, and more fun....

• Rela (Website hidden by Airbnb) by either pool with or without us. Welcome to work on your perfect “overall tan” once that gate is closed nobody can see, Erik spends most of his time in the lounge on the computer online trading and building websites. You will have the pool area all to yourself, the balcony is another sunbaking private area. We are very respectful of your privacy if so needed.

• Lear (Website hidden by Airbnb) how to make a living doing what Erik does (so you can live where ever you want as long as you can get internet.!), some people have the knack and some can’t stand it, although Erik has over 10 years experience and spent a fortune on education.

• Enjo (Website hidden by Airbnb) - the southern part of the island as we do. We rarely go to Patong like most of us who live here. We have our Beach, lake area, scenic hills and our quaint backstreets that are fun to explore and forget stress, suggest get a scooter ($7 / day) and really feel free.. (see pics)

• At night (Website hidden by Airbnb) we go out perhaps every 3rd, we find “Balloons” which means some restaurant or bar opened or has a birthday, these can be very good as apart from free food and often live music, many people go and mingle, and over here there are many different people and cultures.. Some Balloon events put on drinks as well, although rare. We often hook up with our Expat friends and Ana’s girlfriends and have a great time.
Don’t worry, we are not full time balloonists, lol, we do go the 5 star resorts and party, but to be honest we have more fun elsewhere…

• INVEST – Erik trades online and invests in cherry picked real estate.

• Ana works in a real estate office but has her private clients separate from the day job, she can provide you with great insight to prices, areas and opportunities..
Breakfast is cereal and fruits, and sometimes scrambled eggs and toast. Mostly a help yourself thing... welcome to use the kitchen..
We normally get up around 8 or 10, and go eat 11 or 12 at the best place we have found, a muslim restaurant down the road.. around $1.50 for one meal ...
If we are all in the mood a load of fresh seafood from the markets on the BBQ around the pool or up on the balcony. As eating out is so good and cheap here it is hardly worth the effort, but when there are a few of us it can be fun (see pics)
The House –
A fairly Large 3 bedroom house.
We would enjoy a larger group of up to 10 or so..
When we have a good group we are happy to put on tours...
can fit 10 in the pickup ...

Both the master bedroom and the balcony overlook Chalong bay (same direction the massive big Buddha looks, perched on the next mountain), facing the sunrise which is lovely (if your up at that time, we rarely are) But in the afternoon we get the shade from the mountain and the building behind us and the open balcony give you a free feeling. Great for afternoon mini parties before going down to the restaurants for our favorite Thai food at $1.50 per main meal.
We have a safe that can hold documents, we can copy your vitals and the local police like that.. keeping your docs in the safe.. you don't want to loose your docs.. it will upset your life. We have Electric motorized security gate and house alarm system, outside sensors.
Next doors apartments security guard patrols our street.
Thailand can be very dangerous! Do not be fooled. We have very good connections with the police and can resolve problems very well.
Location and transport:
We are 2 km up a smaller road halfway up a hill and highly recommend a scooter that everyone has here. Most are automatic and very easy to ride. Our area is one of the
more quieter and safer areas to ride. We can take you on a tour of the area showing you
the quaint, quiet backroads to get to the beach, food... it is a great feeling of freedom, many who ride do not want to get in the car anymore..
What's around here? (Check out the pics)
Food! (Everyone’s favorite..) –
Apart from our favorite Thai restaurant there is:
Steak from AU - best I ever had and I am from AU, at the waterfront 5 min away at the seaside with open al fresco dining and live music..
5 min ride from lovely Naiharn beach
5 km to the popular Big Buddha
10 min to sunset lookout.. a bar with amazing views and very popular..
15 min to Karon beach, can get busy during high season, (we call it the Sausage BBQ beach) but we can take either the 4WD pickup or the AWD rally car and go to the far end where others cant drive, amazing snorkeling looking at the colorful fish, good food/beach bars.. we have 2 masks/snorkels for you... and 3 boogie boards (1 for a child)
40 min to Patong, which has it’s place.. we don’t really go there more than once every 2 months.. as it is a bit of a cesspool, but good for a visit and a laugh.. search for Bangla road Patong and you will see..
find us on “the most popular social network” (you have to guess which it is but most people have an account, as this site deletes it). It starts with an F, or just search with the worlds most popular search engine, it starts with G, just search for “BeststayinPhuket Comeagain” many pics and vids there for you and always expanding.

Erik: Is Australian / Norwegian, Born Australia 8 years, Norway 4 years, Spain 4 years, Ballina NSW AU 2 years, Military everywhere 9 years, UK 6 months, Saudi Arabia 9 years, South Aust 10 years, Japan. now Phuket Thailand 2 years.

I love to meet “out there” fun loving people.. So needless to say, the more we all click together the more fun we have, that’s just nature.. also you can have your space, we look after you, actually staying here you will probably bump into less people than at a guesthouse or the likes which are more of a tourist processing factory.

What Ido:
Investors / traders in real-estate, finding off the plan constructions that we can trust, and trade online the Forex markets of which Erik has invested years of time and very large amounts on education in this field. (Welcome to sit in on a session and see what you can derive from the charts!) Aside from that we do upgrades to this house which seems to go so slow be we are getting there nicely. We get down the beach not as often as we should. Sunday afternoons we enjoy renting the umbrella and chairs with our expat friends , put on some music and have a few beers and watch the sunset – Majic!

What we do for fun:
We enjoy having visitors stay. We have had this house nearly full. Normally we enjoy our garden, sit around the plunge pool, and not go upstairs often as we want to be plugged into the big screen on the internet for our trading, messages and Erik makes websites as well. Now we are working on building a small resort and expanding all this, past guests all get 10% off and also a payment of the same for a referral resulting in their friends to stay. Talking and video conferencing to other parts of the world. Most use (Hidden by Airbnb) but if your not into that then we have very cheap calls to most western countries and you are welcome to use our phone.
We do enjoy high res movies with surround sound on the 55 inch Led screen... always welcome to join us. Also have cable with 80 or so channels with some in French, German, Spanish and more.
This is also available in your rooms.. although another big screen is pending
You can have a nice quiet time.. or of you click with us, a very fun time.. all up to you
what happens..

Naiharn beach is probably the biggest attraction, it is not just a beach (not overcrowded like the others) but has extensive tree’s just back from the beach where we love to sit eating pickup food from the markets on the way there. Or if we are lazy go to the many beachfront eating areas.
New year!! Naiharn beach party!! fireworks..., come and stay with us!!
Transport: (RHD here, so we drive on the left side of the road)
We have scooter available at reasonable rates, and can order cars, just ask for the list. Or can order car and bike taxis.. Now we also have a car with driver that works out quite reasonable when more than one guest..

Scooters - Around 110cc fully auto and are the way to go in this area where there are many quaint and interesting small streets leading to the beach and up past the elephants and ATV’s to the lookout areas. Around 250 THB/day (seasonal) we use 2 places that don’t take your passport (many do) just a deposit of (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) THB
Cars – Most popular and economical is the 4WD Suzuki Jeep at 800THB that comes with tourist Insurance (has a excess of $ (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) cc so light on fuel, aircon see picture.
Then there is the small car, like a Honda Jazz or Vios, at around THB (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) ,
But then the driver and car we have will give you 8 hours for THB (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) including fuel..
Great for you party goers who like to drink… but then, if there is some fun to be done we all want to go there and you can come with us anyway…
most of the time we need to go out to the shop of somewhere as all of us do, and are happy to drive you about. It is only a small area here Chalong / Naiharn. We are not fans of Patong unless we are on a party roll, but this is rare. But do like to shop in Phuket town.
Hope to see you soon..
All the best with your travels,
Loving and enjoying life… come and join us in Paradise…
• "A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."es and the whole of nature in its beauty."
Warnings about Phuket:

PHUKET: The Phuket authorities over the past year have taken a combination of measures to bring illegal taxis on the island under regulation.

The latest move brought 50 airport taxis into the fold from a “co-operative” that was openly and illegally serving passengers at the airport.

However, that move followed a mini-blitz in which 194 drivers were fined for being illegal or not carrying the now-mandatory stickers on the sides of their vehicles that publicly identify the driver in English – and that was just on the first day of the “crackdown”.

The push to regulate Phuket’s taxi industry has been a long time coming, and follows increasingly frequent and increasingly severe attacks on tourists and other taxi drivers.

In light of the current “combination of measures” being used by the authorities, the Phuket Gazette’s latest online poll asks readers, “Should Phuket authorities be lenient in allowing illegal taxi drivers to become legal?”
Phuket News - Phuket tourist electrocuted in resort pool
The Phuket News - Thursday, 8th Mar (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) :25
PHUKET: Russian tourist Fedor Samsonov, 45, died last night (March 7) after being electrocuted while swimming in the pool of the five-star Dewa Resort and Spa in Karon.

Russian tourist Fedor Samsonov was electrocuted after coming into contact with the bridge’s metal railing.
Witnesses told police the incident occurred while Mr Samsonov’s wife and two children were taking an evening dip in the hotel pool at around 7pm.
Mr Samsonov heard his daughter screaming from the other side of the bridge which crosses over the pool. He got out of the water to see what was wrong.
But when he gripped a steel bar on the bridge next to his daughter, he fell down into the water and died instantly.
The hotel’s restaurant manager, 33-year-old Surasak Petchsut, was also rushed to Vachira hospital, after he too was electrocuted trying to help the Russian.
Mr Samsonov’s daughter’s scream was apparently caused by an electric shock to her hand when she brushed against the steel bar, according to police.
They suspect that a fault in the lighting system on the bridge may have been responsible, but are continuing to investigate.
Mr Samsonov checked in to the hotel on February 12 and was due to leave on March 13.
Message from the owner of Bolder Business Associates

Thank you for visiting this page. Phuket is full of natural beauty, nice beaches, and beautiful smiling people. But as with every place around the world, we have our problems as well. Normally, no tourist related business wants to talk about the problems they have, but I (Managing Director and CEO of Bolder Business Associates Co. Ltd.), have decided that the problem with the Airport Taxi Service is so important that we must inform our customers of the problem now as it has become worse after the tsunami and many well intentioned travellers are falling victim to this scheme.

Many independent travellers arrive in Phuket tired from their journey, looking forward to sandy beaches and smiling people; a nice holiday. Usually, the first people they run into are the airport taxi drivers, who are also usually smiling, but in many cases they are not smiling out of kind friendliness, they are thinking about how much money they can make off you. You might think that these poor people deserve to be supported and you wouldn't mind to pay a little too much especially after the tsunami etc.. But I don't think you would feel that way if you knew that they are scamming to get (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) % of what you plan to spend for a hotel room. That means, on a two week booking, that innocent looking taxi driver and his smiling well spoken cohorts are trying to and many times will make 10,000 or more baht (250 USD) on your holiday. That is more than an average months salary for most Thai people.

So here is how they work. First a smiling girl or boy greets you at the arrival hall or just outside and ask you if you need a taxi. The next question they will ask is if you have a booking already. If you say "No", for them, that means you are a customer which belongs to them. You are now a piece of property which belongs to them and anybody who wants to have your business must pay them. Even if you know which Hotel you want to go to, if you don't have a confirmed booking it is understood that your business belongs to them. Since everyone is scared of the AIRPORT TAXI UNION, nobody can help you after you tell them you don't have a confirmed Hotel booking. So then to make it look legitimate, they will take you to a bogus travel agent whom they claim can get you a better deal. Sometimes they physically bring you to the bogus agent or sometimes they just call on their cell phone. They call that you requested hotel and tell the hotel that you no belong to them and they will only bring you to the hotel if the hotel pays them an obscene commission usually about (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) ht per night for every night you stay. Often times the hotel gets less than the taxi driver. And if the Hotel doesn't agree to pay the commission, then the driver and travel agent will spend hours of your time trying to convince you that the hotel is fully booked, closed for rennovation, or whatever story they think of. They will waste your time until you agree to go somewhere that they can get a commission. Once you get in that taxi without a confirmed booking you are their prisoner, even though you already paid a taxi fare about double the rate of Bangkok !!!!! These people are so good at running these scams that some customers even tip the taxi driver after he "helped them to find a room". But the bottom line is everybody loses except the taxi's. Hotels have raise prices in order to make up for this ridiculous expense so YOU PAY HIGHER ROOM RATES. Hotel's can't afford to pay their own staff well, these are the nice people who really deserve more since they take care of you day after day, cleaning your room, making you good food to eat, and generally making your holiday more enjoyable.

So you might ask why the Hotel Owners of Phuket allow this Monkey Business activity to go on. The fact is that, over the years, these undereducated monkeys have made enough money this way to form a semi-legal group (mafia). The money they have made from making unsuspecting tourists pay higher hotel rates finds it way all around the island. They have enough money to convince all the government officials involved to allow them to maintain their presence as the only taxi service available inside the terminal at Phuket Airport. They also have enough money to prevent other competition from spoiling their situation. Now there are metered taxi's at the airport but you have to walk with your luggage across the parking lot through the mob of airport taxi drivers in order to get one. And then most of the metered taxis are scared to take you to tourist areas, actually they generally only want to take Thai people to non-tourist destinations since they have been harrassed and beaten by the much larger AIRPORT TAXI UNION. Also, many hotel staff are afraid of these guys, and sometimes taxi's even demand a commission when the customer has a printed voucher of reservation. That's right, first they charge you double the taxi rates of Bangkok, then you tip the guy, and after you check in, the same smiling taxi driver goes to reception and demands a commission.


As with most of the Hotel Owners in Phuket, we want to provide our customers with the best accomodation and service for the lowest price possible. We want you to enjoy your holiday so much that you come back again and again and with your friends too. We have a lot to offer here in Phuket especially exceptionally good value for your money.

"If you don't think it's proper for Taxi Touts to make (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) % commissions on room bookings when real respectable Travel Agents only ask (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) %, then please don't support the taxi mafia. Please follow the advice below and help us to make Phuket a better place to visit."

Always book your Hotel and airport transfer in advance, even if only for one night. It's much easier to shop for a deal once you've escaped the Airport Taxi Touts, because no Hotel will be able to offer you any special deal when you arrive in an airport taxi. Also, drivers employed by Hotels are generally more friendly and helpful.

If you don't have time to book in advance, simply order the taxi to go directly to the hotel of your choice and tell him you already have a booking. But this will sometimes create a problem for the hotel because if you don't have any documentation of your booking, the taxi driver will insist the hotel pay a commission anyway. They are very pushy and often times will volunteer to help carry your bags to reception so they can see if you produce documentation of a booking at check in.

Never discuss your travel details with Airport Taxi drivers, treat them exactly as what they are, a service which employs low class people to perform the job of bringing you from point A to point B. Never give a taxi driver any respect, they see that as a sign that you are weak and can be taken advantage of. It's important to remember, they demand a commission on every night you stay not just the first night. They even come back and check with reception to see if you checked out or stayed longer.

Please keep a note of the taxi's ID number in case you want to report any strange behaviour and in case the driver asks the hotel to pay a commission after you check in, you can give that information to the Hotel.
Use the metered taxi's if possible. Help them to get their business going, but please follow the same guidelines above as they also would like to get a piece of the hotel action.
If all customers follow these guidelines and assist us, we will put this activity to a halt and it will result in generally lower Hotel rates for you, our valued customers. Here at Bolder Business we offer you our convenient website direct booking systems which allow you to easily pick and reserve the room of your choice, get a nice discount on the room, and arrange your airport transfer in advance. Our commitment is to make your holiday easy, enjoyable, and excellent value for your money.

Kind Regards,

Eric A. Conger
Phuket MICE tourists in Patong bus crash
Phuket Gazette – Friday, March 16, (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) :12:00 AM
PHUKET: Another bus full of passengers in Phuket, this time for a seminar, crashed into a house at the bottom of Patong Hill this morning.

Nine of the passengers were taken to Patong Hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

Lt Thanakrit Kiawyai of Patong Police told the Phuket Gazette that the accident happened at about 6:50am.

“The bus had about 30 passengers from Bangkok on board. They are in Phuket for a seminar at the Pearl Hotel in Phuket Town,” he said.

The bus, belonging to Kulsawat Tour, crashed into a tuk-tuk and then into a house at the bottom of the hill near Wat Suwan Khiriwong (Patong Temple).

“The bus driver might have been unfamiliar with the road because he is from Bangkok,” Lt Thanakrit suggested.

Lt Thanakrit named the nine injured as Mr Rittichai Srihamart, Miss Arunrat Phokaew, Mr Assadayuth Temwiriyakul, Mr Somjit Intijun, Miss Pimalai Yatpleum, Miss Nitawan Kummart and Mr Sitichai Reungchailert.

Bus driver Chalermsri Wongkun and tuk-tuk driver Wichean Tungjit suffered only minor injuries.

The crash was the latest in a long series of bus accidents in the same area.


Unavailable: Smoke detector
Unavailable: Carbon monoxide detector
The host hasn't reported smoke or carbon monoxide detectors on the property.

House Rules

Check-in is anytime after 2PM and check out by 11AM


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