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Best things to do in Honolulu County

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Cultural Center
“Located on the North Shore side of the Island. Visiting this attraction can last up to 8 hours”
191 locals recommend
Surf Spot
“This is the spot where "The Eddie" Aikau Big Wave Surfing Tournament is held. This invitation only contest is the most prestigious surfing contest in the world. Ocean conditions need to be suitable with wave height at a minimum of 20 feet and both must occur within a certain window of time (December 1 - last day of February) for the competition to be held.”
51 locals recommend
American Restaurant
“Actually not my favorite, but lots of people love it. It is very close to the cottage, offers fresh baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, plate lunches, salads and more. The layout is awful, you have to wait in line to order while people have to squeeze by you to get into the shop to get their drinks and other items before squeezing back past you to get to the back of the line. Still it is like a right of passage on the North Shore and their malsadas are delicious.”
87 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“I haven't seen any sharks here but the tide pools and having a close up look at the sand crabs, and little fish is fun for the little ones. Snorkeling anyone?”
88 locals recommend
Scenic Lookout
“Waimea Valley, the valley of the kings. So much Hawaiian culture, a nice place and garden, and a waterfall and pond to swim in.”
70 locals recommend
Grocery Store
“There's a coffee shop, deli and sushi counter for quick snacks to take to the beach!”
48 locals recommend
“With the most beautiful sunsets on this Island you must see Sunset beach during your Vacation .”
47 locals recommend
Surf Spot
“Unreal! We saw surfers rocking 40' waves! Amazing. DO NOT TRY TO SWIM HERE UNLESS YOU ARE INSANE OR A PROFESSIONAL! NO KIDS SHOULD BE ANYWHERE NEAR THIS WATER WITHOUT A TIGHT LEASH. THE RIPTIDE PULL GROWN MEN FROM THEIR FEET. Go to Turtle Bay just up the street for a swimming and family fun.”
51 locals recommend
“Everything Pineapple. Far drive so look so other activities in the area. Or look for a tour that has the plantation on the destination on tour. Well worth the trip. They also have a lot of activities for children.”
37 locals recommend
“Karaoke, Live Shows, Open Mic Night, Local Talent, Special Guest Appearance, Concert Venue”
34 locals recommend
“A great horseback riding experience along the beach! Call the resort for more details.”
49 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“This is a scenic walk to a waterfall. It's a relatively easy hike, at 3/4 of a mile. Should you choose to skip the walk, you can take the trolley. Entrance fees vary but are generally under $20. It's best to arrive by 2:30 PM, as the park closes early and you want to allow yourself time to walk up there and enjoy the waterfall. Bring mosquito repellent! It's right next to Waimea Beach, so I like to go relax there and catch the sunset after the falls.”
41 locals recommend
“Picturesque point with beautiful views of the ocean as well as a unique sea arch on offshore island.”
29 locals recommend
“Poolside bar with a view and beautiful beaches. This property is situated on a point with amazing ocean views.”
31 locals recommend
Burger Joint
“Delicious deluxe burgers and potato wedge fries, yummy açaí bowls, ice cream shakes, smoothies, and banana bread pudding a la mode! Great beachy country surf vibe. ”
32 locals recommend
“They are open late which is nice for Hawaii. Their food is also great and isn't too expensive for the amount of food you get. We have eaten there and done take-out, great family food. ”
33 locals recommend