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Sightseeing and landmarks in Slatine

Scenic lookouts

“Our lady of Prizidnice is the ‘‘keeper of our sea and sailors’’. In the 16th century, priests from Poljica chose a desolate point on the steep cliffs on the island of Čiovo and built a shrine dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. Above the entrance carved in the wall are two stone tablets bearing witness to its history. Juraj Stoidražić, a hermit priest, who arrived in 1546 and built this temple, making the place a safe haven for hermit priests who dedicated their lives to prayer and penance. The church today is uninhabited and is located on the south-east end of the island on a cliff above the sea. Only four times a year a pilgrimage is held in the church where locals come to hear the mass. From here you can see the islands Brač and Šolta. It provides the best location for gazing at the sun while it is rising or setting.”
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