The Superhost
Relief Fund

Update: The fund has finished awarding grants to accommodation hosts. Grants to eligible Airbnb Experiences hosts will be completed by September 2020.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has devastated the travel industry this year, affecting hosts around the world. To support our community, Airbnb employees donated $1 million from their own pockets to kickstart a fund for hosts struggling to make ends meet. Airbnb’s founders also personally contributed $9 million – in addition to another $7 million from investors – for a total of $17 million.

Programme recap

$16.8m granted

Money raised by Airbnb employees, founders, and investors for Airbnb hosts affected by coronavirus

8,700 hosts

Superhosts and Airbnb Experiences hosts have received grants of up to $5k

67% outside the US

Percentage of grant recipients based outside of the US, from Nairobi to Buenos Aires to Rome


“As a social worker, my salary is not sufficient to cover bills and educate my son. More recently, my son’s father was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away. Airbnb earnings helped pay for his medical treatment and now contribute to caring for his mother. Meeting new people and making lifelong friends through Airbnb has been a ray of sunshine. Receiving this grant is the silver lining in these very challenging times.”

– JacquelineKampala, Uganda, joined in January 2014

“Covid-19 has impacted our financial situation greatly. Since we were laid off, there’s not enough money to support ourselves. We gave birth to a newborn baby in the middle of this crisis. Receiving this grant has helped us pay off bills and support our baby.”

– HillaryPuerto Vallarta, Mexico, joined in August 2014

“I am retired and my wife is unemployed. During COVID-19, I underwent cancer surgery which has given me substantial unexpected expenses. Hosting on Airbnb allowed us to pay for our mortgage and expenses but COVID has now impacted our reservations. Receiving this grant will help us survive this difficult period in time.”

– Orlando & IrenaMilan, Italy, joined in September 2012

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