Things to do in Buenos Aires

Here’s your key to the city. A definitive guide of the best local spots, as told by local Airbnb hosts

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Teatro Colón (Colón Theatre) is the main opera house in BA. It's ranked the third best opera house in the world, and is acoustically considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world.

The Teatro Colón (Spanish: Columbus Theatre) is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is ranked the third best opera house in the world by National Geographic and is acoustically cons... read more

The Teatro Colón is the main opera house in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is ranked the third best opera house in the world by National Geographic, and is acoustically considered to be amongst the fi... read more



Arts & CultureMuseums
3415 Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta·Map·Hours·Website·

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An impressive modern building, the MALBA contains works by Argentine greats and other Latin American masters. It regularly hosts seminars and has a small cinema for cult and art-house retrospectives.

Museum dedicated to 20th century Latin American art - impressive collection, characterizing the region’s art in all its mediums. An absolute must visit!

The Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires preserve, research and promote Latin American art from the onset of the 20th century to the present. This Museum should be at the top of the museum li... read more

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There are three that make it unique: First, its extraordinary artistic heritage, which makes it the largest public collection in Latin America. Among its more than 12,000 pieces, two collections st... read more

The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (MNBA) ("National Museum of Fine Arts" in English) is an Argentine art museum in Buenos Aires, located in the Recoleta section of the city.

The excellent National Fine Arts Museum houses the nation’s largest and most important collection of Argentine art, plus a number of European works from the likes of Goya, Rodin, Rembrandt and others.

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La Recoleta Cemetery (Spanish: Cementerio de la Recoleta) is a cemetery located in the Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Per... read more

Is a cemetery located in the Recoleta neighborhood. It contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina, Nobel Prize winners, the founder of the Argentine Navy, a... read more

I'm absolutely obsessed with the "Recoleta Cemetery" being that I'm a Art dealer could be why. It's Free to the public. Though you should hire a guide to walk you though the cemetery. They are the... read more

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The Café Tortoni is a coffeehouse located at Avenida de Mayo. Café Tortoni was selected by UCityGuides as one of the ten most beautiful cafes in the world.

Café Tortoni is the most famous “café” in Buenos Aires. Worth a visit just for the history. Also great for tango lovers. Avenida de Mayo 825

The Café Tortoni is a coffeehouse located at 825 Avenida de Mayo. Inaugurated in 1858 by a French immigrant whose surname was Touan. The café itself was Inspired by Fin de siècle coffee houses. Caf... read more


La Cabrera

Food SceneRestaurants
$$$· 5099 José Antonio Cabrera·Map·Hours·Website·

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Meat lovers can't miss eating here! Pricy but worth it. Don't order side dishes since you'll get plenty little ones with your order. Packed with tourists so you must do a reservation, or go before ... read more

High end Argentinian parilla place - something special. Probably the best parilla place in town for the combination of menue, ambiance, service and quality of the meat. Reservation recommended.

Parrilla, parrilla and more parilla! This is one of the best in BA. "Bife de chorizo" (sirloin) is huge and most of the meat cuts come with sides that will fill you up, so no need to order anything... read more

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Just outside of Puerto Madero, and a quick bike ride, is the Reserva Ecologica. Fabulous views of the city and Rio Plata. Bird Sanctuary. Two bicycles are available for guest use. Inquire.

Fantastic natural park with trails through marsh areas, beautiful trees and flora, and an abundance of local birds and small animals just steps from the city center. A must visit while in Buenos Ai... read more

The biggest park in the city here you'll see the most birds and fauna, great to go for a hike or rent a bike. Then eat a choripan on one of the stands of la costanera, always check there's many peo... read more

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It is the newest neighbourhood of BA and sports the latest trends in architecture. Set on a coastal strip with old docks, recycled to give place to elegant offices and luxurious restaurants.

Puerto Madero Waterfront, is a district that occupies a significant portion of the Río de la Plata riverbank and represents the latest architectural trends in the city of Buenos Aires.

Puerto Madero Waterfront, is a barrio (district), occupying a significant portion of the Río de la Plata riverbank. Beautiful and safe stroll and also great place for Argentine steak.

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Ex Grand Splendid Theater. Nowadays is magnificient library. One of the best in the world. Arquitectura original. Elegida por The Guardian como la segunda librería más hermosa del mundo.

El Ateneo Grand Splendid is a library located in Buenos Aires , Argentina . It noted for stand Where did the Grand Splendid theater , having preserved the original architecture of this theater , bu... read more

Famosa librería, ubicada en lo que antes fue el Teatro Gran Splenidid, conservando su arquitectura originial. Famous library, located in what used to be the Gran Splendid Theatre, keeping its orig... read more

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Los jardines botánicos acompañan la historia del hombre desde que a través de sus viajes por el mundo y el conocimiento del valor de las plantas, comenzaron con su aclimatación y domesticación. The... read more

Don't miss this place! Free entrance, beautiful sculpture and it is so peaceful in here. There is a little butterfly garden so butterflies are flying around everywhere. You can take beautiful photo... read more

Located near Plaza Italia, the botanical garden offers benches where to hang out away from from the heat and the crowd. Open 8AM-7PM but closed on Mondays and in case of rain. Free entrance.

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The Pink House) is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. The palatial mansion is known officially as Casa de Gobierno, ("House of Government" or "Government House").

La Casa Rosada is the executive mansion and office of the President of Argentina. The palatial mansion is known officially as Casa de Gobierno.

The Pink House, or Presidential house: its history, how it was built, why its color. You will definitely need to do some homework and read a bit about it, otherwise it will become another city gove... read more

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Alto Palermo Shopping is one of the most important and popular shoppings in Buenos Aires. Located in Palermo neighbourhood, between two of the most famous avenues, Santa Fe and Coronel Diaz

Shiny mall offers dozens of clothing shops, bookstores, jewelry boutiques, and electronics and houseware stores. Services include a food court, a cinema complex and a good kids’ area on the 3rd floor.

Great Shopping Mall, also restaurants etc. Nice shops and lots of places to eat , some fast food but quite good. Marta


Plaza de Mayo

SightseeingPoints of Interest
s/n Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen·Map·Website·

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Plaza de Mayo is the oldest in Buenos Aires and the scene of all the major political events in Argentina's history. Bordering the square: the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Pink House, etc.

The Plaza de Mayo (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈplasa ðe ˈmaʝo]; English: May Square) is the main square in the Monserrat barrio of central Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is flanked by Hipólito Yrigoyen, ... read more

The Plaza de Mayo is the main square in the Monserrat barrio of central Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is flanked by Hipólito Yrigoyen, Balcarce, Rivadavia and Bolívar streets.

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Reasonable coffee, fresh lemonade, bacon and eggs, fruit salad with yogurt and granola, great salads, croissants, eggs benedict, bagels…

Great place for brunch (any day). Cute wooden tables and dried flowers on the wall actually evoke hole-in-the-wall quaint French dining.

A pioneer in the Buenos Aires brunch scene, Oui Oui has been honoring brunching foreigners for years. One of the only brunch menu that’s available every day, anytime.

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The Obelisco de Buenos Aires is a national historic monument and icon of Buenos Aires, it was built to commemorate the fourth centenary of the first foundation of the city.

The Obelisco de Buenos Aires (Obelisk of Buenos Aires) is a national historic monument and icon of Buenos Aires. Located in the Plaza de la República, in the intersection of avenues Corrientes and ... read more

The ABC of tourism in Buenos Aires would start here, ain't that big deal if you live here but it wouldn't hurt you to take a picture over there. I recommend going on a weekend cos during the week t... read more

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Epicenter of Palermo Soho's bar and cafe culture is a sure fire bet any night of the week. Sure it's touristy but Argentines dig it as well, making for a hopping mix. Weekend artisan and clothes fair.

Plaza Serrano is located in the neighborhood of Palermo. This area is characterized by a large commercial networks movement both day and night, because of its craft fair to the many bars, restaurants.

Cool nice neighbourhood packed with bars, restaurants and design shops. Two neuralgic points are "Plaza Serrano" and "Plaza Armenia".

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The museum has a piece of lunar rock which was brought back to Earth by the Apollo XI mission. Is home to a collection of 100 million year old sea life and amonite fossils from Neuquén Province.

Commonly known as Planetario, it has a piece of lunar rock which was brought back to Earth by the Apollo XI mission and gifted to the planetarium by Richard Nixon.

It is another must-see tours of Palermo. Located in the Parque 3 de Febrer, founded in 1968, the building invites you to enjoy the universe shows, appreciating 8,900 stars, constellations and nebulas.

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One of the most prominent horse racing venues in Argentina, its installations include a 2400 meter (1.5 mile) track suitable for races in all weather. Founded on May 7, 1876.

The Horse Racing Track and the Polo field are two gems of our neighboorhood. Several events and concerts are held there. Argentina is known to be the home of the best polo players in the world!!

Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the most prominent horse racing venues in Argentina. Enjoy your day placing a few bets and having some drinks.

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Dine in, dance & live shows. Tango, Rock, Milonga & Salsa classes available.

Tango, rock, and salsa lessons. Private lessons with experienced bilingual teachers as well as the opportunity to participate in group lessons.

One of the most well knowned "milongas". Tango, milonga, rock and salsa clases. Dine, dance and watch live shows.

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It's the biggest park in Buenos Aires. You can run, rent a bike, roller blads. It also has lakes with ducks (you can rent a boat) and there's the Rosedal (a garden of roses) that's beautiful and yo... read more

It's a nice place go for a walk or do some jogging, its has a lake, lots of green spots to make a picnic. It also have a french style rose garden, that worth a visit in blossom season.

We're about a 1.25 mile run away from Los Bosques - and if you're into running, this is a perfect route! You can run around the lake, or take the back path underneath the train tracks to get anothe... read more

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Dorrego Flea Market,located on the corner of Dorrego and Niceto Vega. Hanger-like building houses stall after stall of vendors, some selling their own hand made or hand discovered goods.

A hotchpotch of stalls that offer used and refurbished furniture, home décor and curios. It's still relatively devoid of tourists, thus maintains its local ambiente.

Flee market. Typical market located in an old and traditional place of the neighbourhood. Antiques, art, vintage objects, old vinyl records and more.

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In a neighborhood better known for nouvelle cuisine treatments of Argentine food, Pablo Rivero and his parents built Don Julio into a mainstay by presenting top-quality plates of classic parrilla stea

One of the best parrilla in the city. Go there and sign your bottle of wine. Una de las mejores parrillas de Buenos Aires. Andá y firmá tu botella de vino.

One of the most known 'parilla' in Buenos Aires, offers top notch cuts and a great selection of wine. They cater to both local and foreigner guests, waiters speak English. Expect a long wait outsid... read more

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River Plate football stadium Estadio de Club Atlético River Plate

The greatest stadium of Argentina, of River Plate football club, the greatest of the country by the way ;). The Argentine national team also plays here. There's a museum and you can enter the field.

Home ground of the famous River Plate football (soccer) team. If you are visiting during the season, try to catch a game there. It's a sporting experience like no other.

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Argentine and international art exhibits. The show Fuerza Bruta is highly recommended, an impressive show of energy and art but check before to make sure is of your taste ...

Interesting Cultural Center, with lots of activities and art shows. Surrounded by parks, during the weekends you can buy lots of atys and crafts in the park, and see free shows.

The Recoleta Cultural Centre is an exhibition and cultural events centre located in the barrio of Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It holds sculptures and exhibitions, as well as concerts and art... read more

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By far the one of the best traditional Argentine pizza in Buenos Aires. This famous pizzeria opened in 1934 and has been serving delicate, thick crust pies ever since.

Crusts are thick and doughy, draped unapologetically in dense, oozy mozzarella and liberally spangled with jamón and morrón. AuthenticNeapolitan pizza this is not but you're unlikely to find a slice.

This is one of the traditional pizzerías in the city, covered in old pictures and posters from old and current Argentinean actors, tango singers, football and boxing, etc, you'll get a glance of wh... read more

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Trendy bars & restaurants, traditional Argentine fare, Sunday San Telmo Antiques Fair, antique shops, street vendors and musicians. The beginning of the Sunday fair is only 4 block away!

Central plaza of San Telmo, with many antique shops, outdoor cafes, and restaurants. San Telmo's antiques flea market is held in the plaza every Sunday.

Plaza Dorrego is a square located in the heart of San Telmo In the 19th century, San Telmo was the main residential barrio (neighborhood) of the city and Plaza Dorrego was its focal point.


La Biela

Food SceneCafes or Coffee Shops
596 Av Pres. Manuel Quintana·Map·Hours·Website·

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Spread out under a 300 year old "gum tree" lies the famous patio of La Biela. Great spot to linger over coffee (make sure you specify you'd like espresso coffee, otherwise it's regular), wine, beer...

Call a taxi to La Biela in the Recoleta district to take tea or coffee outside in the sunshine beneath the Gomero – a 1791 rubber tree. If you're thinking of having breakfast, order medialunas - th... read more

Café La Biela is a traditional café in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires, Argentina situated at 600 Quintana Avenue on the corner of Junin street, opposite the church of Nuestra Senora del Pila... read more

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San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood of Bs As. It is a well-preserved area and is characterized by its colonial buildings. Cafes, tango parlors, bars, antique shops and cobblestone streets.

San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Characterized by its colonial buildings. Cafes, tango parlors and antique shops, which are often filled with artists and dancers.

Sunday ride, not recommended during the week. Characteristic for its antique shops (antiques), craft fairs, tango shows on cobblestone streets. Visit is like being transported back in time.

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Pros: Best steak house around. Affordable price. Big portions. Open all day long. Delivery. Cons: Always full. Cash only. No wifi.

Good parrilla, friendly and lively atmosphere and low prices. I usually go here with my friends. Go very early or late or you'll have to wait forever for a table.

Great local restaurant that attracts both locals and tourists for lunch and dinner. Very good value, it´s got an extensive meat and northern regional dishes menu and you can also create your own sa... read more

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In the heart of Palermo Soho, this green plaza is surrounded by boutique shops, bars, and cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating

Plaza Armenia is the second epicenter of Palermo Soho. Plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Another awesome place to go in the day or in the night, pubs, discos, drinks, great places to eat or breakfast, another must go in your stay in BA!