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How do I book a trip with travel credit from referrals?

Notice: The Airbnb Guest Referral Programme has ended. The information below is only relevant for those who participated in the programme prior to its closure.

If you earned travel credit by joining Airbnb through an invite link

If you signed up for Airbnb using a referral link, your referral coupon will automatically appear on the checkout page when you pay for your first qualifying reservation.

You must have a qualifying reservation to be eligible for referral travel credit. A qualifying reservation must meet a minimum value, which does not include any taxes or fees. Because the minimum amount can vary, you should refer to the invitation email you've received or go to the invitation page to find details about which reservations are eligible.

Note: Your coupon can only be used once. If you use referral credit on a reservation and then cancel that reservation, it can’t be used again.

If you earned travel credit by inviting a friend to join Airbnb

If your friend signed up for Airbnb using your referral link and completed a qualifying reservation, travel credit will be automatically added to your account. Your travel credit will appear on the checkout page when you pay for your next reservation.

Remember that you’ll get travel credit once your friend completes a qualifying trip. If your travel credit hasn’t shown up yet, it means that your friend has not completed their trip yet or that their reservation didn’t qualify.


  • Travel credit expires one year from the date of issue
  • If you apply travel credit to a reservation request that is declined or that expires, it can take up to 24 hours for it to appear back in your account
  • Referral credits can't be used with domestic India-to-India reservations
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