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Booking Online Experiences

Around the world in a day – and you didn’t even have to leave your sofa. Online Experiences bring the world right into your home.

You can book an Online Experience the same way you'd book an in-person one. Just be sure you can access Zoom via your desktop, tablet, or mobile device.


Online Experiences are priced per person, and you’ll be asked to book a spot for each person joining the Experience. However, if a Host is open to multiple guests joining per device, they will let you know on their Experience page under What You’ll Do and How to Participate.

Cancellations, changes, and refunds

You can cancel up to 7 days before start time or within 24 hours of booking. And you can change a reservation up to 72 hours before the Experience begins. Cancellations and changes have the same policies for both online and in-person Airbnb Experiences.

You’re eligible for a full refund if there are any technical difficulties, such as audio or video issues, on your own device or the Host’s device during an Online Experience.



You’ll learn everything you need to know in your confirmation email, but you can also check the How to participate and Guest requirements sections of the Experience page.


    To find the Zoom link for your Online Experience, go to:

    • Your confirmation email
    • Your reminder email
    • Trips, included in your reservation information

    Report inappropriate content

    If you come across any inappropriate content, contact Airbnb’s community support and report it. Provide as much information as possible and we’ll investigate the issue.

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