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Legal terms

Airbnb Coupon Terms

The following Terms and Conditions apply to coupons for use on the Airbnb platform (''Airbnb Coupons''). Other supplemental terms provided, along with a coupon, also apply to your use of Airbnb Coupons. Airbnb Coupons are one-off use and non-refundable. Coupons are not redeemable for cash, gift cards, or towards previous purchases, and they cannot be transferred or combined with another offer, coupon, or discount. Airbnb reserves the right to any remedy, including voiding this coupon, in cases of suspected fraud, misuse, violation of our Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service or technical errors. Please refer below for additional terms for specific Rebooking Coupons.

Rebooking Coupons

As part of AirCover, when a Host cancels your reservation unexpectedly or another Travel Issue disrupts a stay, Airbnb may issue you with a Rebooking Coupon. The coupon is only valid for a stay with a check-in date within one year from the date the coupon was issued.

Rebooking Coupons expire 30 days from issue. For more information, refer to your communication from Airbnb on the expiry date of your coupon. Rebooking Coupons may only be used towards a stay reservation with a reservation value (not including taxes or fees) that is equal to or greater than the value of the Rebooking Coupon.

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