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    How to make your listing stand out

    Our quick-start guide will help you get bookings and run your hosting business.
    By Airbnb on 29 Jan 2021
    7 min video
    Updated 27 Sep 2023

    Play the video, and remember the seven keys to a successful listing:

    • Photos: Use a mix of wide and detail shots to give potential guests a good sense of your space.
    • Title, description, and amenities: Highlight what makes your space unique and adapt them as you get feedback and inspiration from guests.
    • Pricing strategy: Check to find out how similar listings in your area are priced and check out our Smart Pricing tool.
    • Calendar and booking settings: You get to control how and when guests can book your listing.
    • Standing out in search results: Here are some tips to improve your ranking, from turning on Instant Book to getting good reviews.
    • The booking process: Respond to guests quickly and accept as many booking requests as possible.
    • Getting paid: Set up your payout method to get paid automatically.
    29 Jan 2021
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